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Workshop Facilities

Our new state of the art workshops are divided into different areas for the different areas of specialisation.


X-ray generator test and service area
This has a completely lead lined test area for output and calibration tests. Ensuring that the set values on your x-ray generator are correct every time. Remote sensors pick up the radiation emitted and transfer the data onto your service report.
The assembly bench is used for more serious issues that require dismantling and reassembly of the generator.
Racks of spare parts are within easy reach for every component for our generators going back over thirty years.

Loan x-ray units
We have over 50 loan x-ray units of virtually every model we have ever supplied, to provide you with the ultimate solution should the worst happen and your x-ray generator stop working.
These units are shipped to you in a special transit box that can shrug off the very worst a courier can do to them.














CR and DR test and service area
A clean test area where we can remotely access your CR and DR systems. Once connected to your system, we take remote control and can interrogate it to fault find or to add patches and upgrades.
For repairs to damaged CR systems and DR panels we use an adjacent area where we can strip and rebuild systems without any fear of contamination.


Machine shop and mechanical area
Fully equipped machine shop where we can build and customise any of our range of stands, tables or mountings to suit your specific needs.
Having our own on site machine shop shortens delivery times and enables simple customisation.



Spare Parts
We hold in stock original manufacturers spare parts for all of our equipment for every eventuality. This ensures that all of our repairs and servicing is carried out quickly and efficiently and to the same standards as the original manufacturer.
The end result of our investment is an unequalled service to the profession.


All of our vehicles are fully equipped with test equipment and spare parts with a view to emulating our workshop facilities anywhere in the UK. We will ensure that you get the very best of service whether you choose to return your system to our workshops, or have an engineer visit your surgery.