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Veterinary Xrays Logo
Veterinary Xrays Logo
  • Digital Imaging CR

    Class leading CR systems from Fuji, the pioneers of CR imaging.


    <h1>Digital Imaging CR</h1>
  • Portable Generators

    The UKs most popular portable x-ray generators from battery powered to 100mA.


    <h1>Portable Generators</h1>
  • Dental Imaging

    A range of veterinary dental x-ray generators and veterinary specific CR and DR systems.


    <h1>Dental Imaging<h1>
  • Digital Imaging DR

    Market leading equine and small animal flat panel DR systems from Sound.


    <h1>Digital Imaging DR</h1>
  • Static Generators

    High powered high frequency static table mounted generators from Sedecal.


    <h1>Static Generators</h1>
  • VXR Webshop

    <H1>VXR Webshop<h1>